Man jailed over violent Coffs Harbour attack

"HE IS going to stomp my head in and kill me" was the fear of a Coffs Harbour woman attacked in a violent act of "retribution".

Details of the incident that left the woman battered and rushed to hospital were today heard in Coffs Harbour Local Court.

The offender - 45-year-old Lakemba man Byron Brasier - will spend the next 20 months in prison.

At the time of the attack the victim - now aged 52 - was known to the offender. In fact, they were friends, socialising on various occasions with their respective partners.

But the friendship turned sour in October 2013 when Brasier attacked the victim's boyfriend with an iron bar.

On April 28 the next year, the friendship - which appeared to be back on track - turned once again.

The victim and her boyfriend were having a shower at the Vincent St home of Brasier's girlfriend when they heard knocks to the bathroom door.

The victim quickly dressed and told her boyfriend to leave the house before walking downstairs where Brasier was sitting.

"How are youse going" the victim had asked him.

The offender demanded to know why she hadn't paid back $220 in cash and plane tickets owed to his girlfriend.

"You have turned into one of them," he told the victim.

"I'll make a phone call… to see if you need to pay retribution."

He did, and moments later he told the victim to "stand up to get your retribution."

The court was told Brasier stomped on her face, arms, back and chest about 10-12 times.

"I thought to myself this is the end, he is going to stomp my head in and kill me," the victim told the court.

As the offender stopped, the victim saw another man standing at the door who asked "what's happened?"

"She's fallen down the stairs," Brasier told him.

The last words the victim heard from Brasier as he left the house were "oh f**k I got court tomorrow".

The victim's boyfriend returned to the home shortly after and contacted emergency services.

The victim requested an apprehended violence order against Brasier, fearful he would attempt further assaults.

In court, Magistrate Jeff Linden sentenced Brasier to 20 months in prison on the charge of assault occasioning bodily harm.

He is eligible for parole on July 26, 2017.

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