Man dies after car hits power pole in suburban street

UPDATE: TWO women were almost struck by the vehicle involved in this morning's fatal crash in Coffs Harbour. 

Dorothy Lollback and her cousin Heather were walking along Argyll St just before 6am and witnessed the older model Hyundai Elantra hatchback leave the roadway and crash into a power pole. 

Dorothy said they immediately tried to assist the driver, but could not open the driver's door. 

"We heard this car coming down the road and we thought oh gosh he is coming so fast we'll have to get off the road," Dorothy said.  

"He was doing, I'd say probably 120, 140ks an hour on the wrong side... he was on the same side that we were on, so we jumped off and he missed us by about probably 12 inches.

"Just as he missed us he went straight across and ploughed into the electric pole.

"That's when I raced up to try and help him, but I couldn't help him because we couldn't get the doors open and the car was smoking and we were frantic for a while," she said.  



Chief Inspector Shari Allison talking to local media about initial police investigations following this morning's fatal crash in Argyll St.   

Police said no one else was injured in the crash.

Investigations are on-going.     



A MAN has died after the car he was driving smashed into a power pole on Argyll St in Coffs Harbour this morning.

A resident at the scene has told The Advocate two elderly women witnessed the crash, which occurred at around 6am this morning.

He was told by one of the women that the pair saw the car travelling at high speeds and needed to move out of the way of the car before it hit the pole.

Another eyewitness, the husband of one of the women, said his wife claimed the car was heading east on the wrong side of the road.

Police and paramedics were on scene.

More information will be added to this story once information comes to light.

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