Man convicted for child pornography

A COFFS Harbour man has been found guilty of spreading and possessing hundreds of pornographic images of children.

The 64-year-old Park Beach resident appeared in Coffs Harbour Local Court on Monday.

His charges date from March 2014, when Federal Police became aware an internet user had uploaded an image of a man engaged in a sex act with a young girl.

Checks identified the user as the 64-year-old accused.

The image was classified as a category four photograph under the Child Exploitation Tracking Scheme - a rating system used to rank the severity of pornographic images of children.

A category five image is the most severe ranking on the CETS scale.

In June, 2015, a Canadian Police detective was conducting undercover work on an internet chatroom that including a forum dedicated to incest.

Police prosecution told the court the detective began correspondence with the accused, who told the detective he had been sexually assaulting children for the past eight years.

Checks on the accused's IP address revealed he had been a member of the chatroom since 2011, logging on up to 80 times during May to June, 2015.

In November, 2015, the detective began emailing the accused.

The accused uploaded several pornographic images during this conversation.

On November 17 that year, Australian detectives searched the accused's home and conducted initial checks of computers.

Several hundred images were found in the man's possession, including pornographic images of children aged two to pre-pubescent teenagers.

One image depicted a girl, aged around two, surrounded by sex implements, tied by her wrists and ankles, and chained to the floor with a plastic bag over her head.

It was classified as a category five CETS image.

During the search of the home, police also seized mobile phones, hard drives, SD cards, diaries and 4g of marijuana.

The man was charged with possessing and disseminating child abuse material, and possession of a prohibited drug.

He was denied bail in court and later pleaded guilty to all charges.

The man will be sentenced on August 26.

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