Man chained to dog kennel for days, horrifically assaulted

A MAN was chained to a dog kennel, stabbed, burnt, hit with a sledgehammer and sliced with a chainsaw after a pair of young girl's underpants were found in his bag.

The 23-year-old man who placed a metal chain around the victim's neck, tied his wrists and left him to be beaten by as many seven people over a period of four days will be allowed to spend his prison sentence on home detention.

The victim was staying at the house of a friend in Parafield Gardens in September 2017 following a dispute about unpaid crystal methamphetamine debts.

While staying at the house with a friend, his partner and her two young children, the man continued using methamphetamine.

The victim was trusted by the friend and his family, so much so he was allowed to sleep in one of the children's bedrooms.

However on September 28, 2017, while the victim was out of the house, the mother of the two children found sex toys, pornography and some her children's underwear in the bag.

When confronted the victim admitted taking the underwear, saying he liked to wear it while high on drugs.

The friend snapped, punching the victim repeatedly to the face before chaining him to a dog kennel by the neck and wrists.

District Court Judge Barry Beazley said the violent offending was caused by a lack of sleep caused by drug use.

"Now, I accept that you were sleep-deprived, and not thinking clearly because of the methamphetamine, however your decision to tie him up had left him to the mercy of others, when you were absent from the house," Judge Beazley said.

While the friend was gone from the house, the victim was burnt with a lighter to the hand and face before being stabbed to the left leg and hip with a kitchen knife.

Another person, who later arrived at the house, punched and kicked the man to the head and body before starting a chainsaw and holding it near the victim's leg.

The chainsaw gashed two of the victim's toes in the process.

When the friend returned to the house he did his best to prevent further violence, bandaging the victim's injuries and giving him clean clothes.

On September 30, two people who were not connected with the occupants of the home entered the property and assaulted the victim, striking him with a sledgehammer.

The victim was kept confined for another two days before being driven to his mother's home and later the Lyell McEwin Hospital.

He was found to have a fractured eye socket, three stab wounds, burns, a broken nose, cuts to the foot and back as well as a "large number of bruises".

The friend was arrested and spent six months in prison before being released on home detention.

While at the Adelaide Remand Centre the friend was assaulted by a fellow prisoner.

Judge Beazley said the friend's unblemished criminal record and youth had convinced him to allow the man to serve the remaining 16 months on home detention.

Two men also accused of false imprisonment will go to trial later this year while the friend's partner has pleaded guilty to unlawful imprisonment and three counts of aggravating causing harm with intent.

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