Man arrested for abusing police in viral video

WARNING: Extremely offensive language

A MAN who filmed himself taunting and abusing police in a shocking foul-mouthed tirade has been arrested and charged after the video went viral online.

The video, which was posted to Facebook and reuploaded by 2GB radio host Ray Hadley, appears to have taken place in Sydney's Redfern after a group of police asked the man for identification.

"Youse know who I am, why do you [need to] see ID?" the man asks. "You just walked up to me stating my name."

The video cuts to the police officers leaving as the man yells and swears at them, calling them "dogs". "Look at the dogs," he says.

"Look at him the fat dog, the s*** ganga. I f***** your mum last night and I banged her in the a******, c***** ...

"Look at this fat dog smoking his c*** and rock. Thank you for sucking my d***. See yas later. Keep harassing me. F*** your mum, all four of youse."

Hadley posted the video to Facebook saying it had been sent to him by a serving NSW Police officer after it was posted online. "This is what they have to put up with," Hadley wrote.

A NSW Police spokeswoman told the man, who has a distinguishing forearm tattoo that reads "F*** the police", had been arrested.

"The man has been tracked down and we've issued him with a criminal infringement notice for offensive language," she said. "The fine is $500."

Users on Facebook questioned why police weren't more forceful at the time. "Honestly this should not be allowed to happen to any police officer," Mick Stapleton wrote.

"If I spoke to officers that way I'd at least expect to be locked up for the night. How will they ever get respect if they have to stand by and take that?"

Darrell Madgwick said the man should have "been body slammed into the ground and handcuffed just for that tattoo".

"Why is this behaviour being tolerated?" asked Saxon Call. "This is the core of society's problems. No one should be subjected to this at their place of work, let alone the people trying to protect us."

Brian Sutton said "we all created this" by voting in "weak politicians who kowtow to civil libertarians". Vesna Fernandez said the man "wouldn't have gotten away with this 20 years ago, this is the rubbish you get because of the weak government and political correctness".

"And they can book a 21-year-old for riding an Esky on Australia Day but walk away from this scum," wrote Darren Uncles.

The NSW Police spokeswoman couldn't say why the man wasn't charged at the time of the video.

"I don't know what was going on, but at the end of the day we've gone and done the investigation and he's been arrested," she said.

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