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BUSH FOOD SUCCESS: Manda Gentle with her award winning Bakarindi products.
BUSH FOOD SUCCESS: Manda Gentle with her award winning Bakarindi products. Trevor Veale

ARE you looking for something new to put on your plate? Why not give the award winning bush foods, home-made by the passionate Corindi couple behind Bakarindi a try.

Ian and Manda Gentle have been busy in the kitchen specialising in creating bush food jams, relishes, chutneys and other delicacies for more than 10 years.

On a busy morning, preparing for a day manning their stall at Curryfest, the couple were over the moon to receive a phone call announcing three of their products had been awarded by the Sydney Royal spring fine foods show.

"Every year we send down three or four products to see what the judges think. Each product is judged on its own merit, they judge the product for what it is,” Manda said.

"We took out a gold for finger lime pickle, silver for mango ginger sauce and bronze for tomato relish, the trifecta.

"In April, we tweaked what we were doing with the finger lime pickle so it's gone from an OK product to an awesome product. To win a gold by September is just pretty amazing.

Manda and Ian have always been passionate about native plants and currently have 100 finger lime trees, 60 riberries, a small patch of lemon and aniseed myrtle plants and more.

Over the years, Bakarindi has received 11 awards for different products from the Sydney Royal spring fine foods show and one in Melbourne.

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