Make fans rave about your business

IN THIS day and age, satisfied customers are just not good enough - we want raving fans.

A fantastic little book called exactly that is a great story on how to create a raving fan culture in your business.

This book has been around a while, but many businesses still don't get it.

So what's the difference between a satisfied customer and a raving fan?

Take food. You can go into any fast food, takeaway or convenience outlet, grab what you want and be completely satisfied.

Would you be likely to tell your friends about the outlet? Unlikely.

How about this scenario: you arrive at a restaurant, the host greets you by name and says to you, "Mr and Mrs Smith, as you are celebrating your anniversary tonight, I've taken the liberty to reserve our best table and please enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne".

Now, how does the restaurant know why you are there? Simple - at time of booking they asked you - they had a system to create raving fans.

As you sit across from the person you love, the food is delicious, the service is excellent and you and your partner experience every magic moment of the evening.

But it doesn't end there - in all the excitement you leave your jacket behind without realising it.

The very next morning you get a call from the restaurant to say, "Mr Smith, thank you for sharing your special celebration with us. Perhaps you may not be aware, but you left your jacket here. I'm just calling to let you know we have taken the liberty to have it dry cleaned and will deliver it you to once ready".

Wow. How would that make you feel? Satisfied? Or would you be on the phone and social media giving this place the greatest accolade possible?

In fact, you're so excited you share the story with anyone you meet - that is a raving fan.

Your business, no matter what your product or service, can create raving fans, but the secret is this, to create raving fan customers you must have raving fan staff.

My challenge to you is to create a culture of raving fan staff and allow them to lead the way to raving fan customers.

Next week, I'll talk about moments of truth. This is how we identify every touch your business has with a customer and their experience.

The next time someone visits your business, will they be "satisfied" or will they say "wow"?

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