Luke McGregor on tackling his fears in Rosehaven

Celia Pacquola and Luke McGregor in a scene from season two of Rosehaven.
Celia Pacquola and Luke McGregor in a scene from season two of Rosehaven. Supplied

LUKE McGregor learned some very important lessons writing, producing and starring in his first TV series.  

The Hobart native stars opposite good mate Celia Pacquola in Rosehaven, which follows a man who returns to his rural Tasmanian home town to help his mother in her real estate business.  

The two return to our screens next week in season two of the Logie-nominated comedy.   

"I knew not to have dessert at lunch, otherwise I got a sugar high at 3pm and forgot all my lines for the rest of the day and kept stuffing up," Luke tells Weekend. "That alone was a big game changer."  

In season two, Daniel (Luke) returns to Rosehaven to find he must yet again prove himself at McCallum Real Estate where best friend Emma (Celia) has been promoted.  

Celia Pacquola, David Quirk and Luke McGregor, centre, in a scene from season two of Rosehaven.
Celia Pacquola, David Quirk and Luke McGregor, centre, in a scene from season two of Rosehaven. Supplied

"The idea of someone moving away to try to make it is a common trope, but I liked the idea of someone moving back home to try to make it," he says.   

"The first season was all about Daniel deciding if he wanted to live in Rosehaven because he was forced back. This season is about Daniel working out whether or not he can make it (as a real estate agent). I'm fascinated by someone who knows what they want to do but may not be good enough to do it. It's the fear I have with comedy every day. I'm worried I won't be able to do it long enough to sustain me.  

"Daniel is trying to copy his mum's (Barbara, played by Kris McQuade) confidence without having the ability to sell a house. He's a terrible real estate agent but he's hoping his skill will eventually catch up."  

Daniel also finally confronts his mother about why she's never told him she loves him. Again, it's a situation inspired by real life.  

"My dad is not very affectionate - I don't think he's ever said 'I love you' - and the character of Barbara is the same," Luke says.  

"She looks after Daniel and is letting him work with her when she probably doesn't really need him, but Daniel is someone who really wants those words from Barbara.   

"There's a blackout in Rosehaven and they're all stuck together in the house. Daniel decides it's the perfect time to drill deep into him and his mum's relationship."  

Luke McGregor in a scene from the TV series Luke Warm Sex.
Luke McGregor in a scene from the TV series Luke Warm Sex. ABC

Last year was a busy one for Luke, who also confronted his anxieties around sex and nudity in the documentary series Luke Warm Sex.   

He's currently brainstorming ideas for a similar series with director Hayden Guppy.   

"If I did do it again then it would have to be something I feel as strongly about," he says.

"I was so obsessed about not being scared to be naked in real life that it gave me the courage to try that extreme thing. I wanted to deal with those issues myself.   

"I've always wanted to write a horror movie. I really get scared by horror movies but I'm obsessed by them - you're scared but you're safe. It's like a roller coaster. I know how many fears I have in my head, I wonder if I could make someone else scared."  

Season two of Rosehaven premieres on Wednesday at 9.05pm on ABC-TV.

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