Residents say accident was on the cards

“AN accident that was going to happen” is how Nana Glen residents are describing the collision between a Countylink XPT and a Nissan X-trail early on Saturday morning.

Police said the vehicle was crossing an unprotected level crossing on Morrow's Road just after 7am when it was “nudged off the road by a south-bound XPT”.

The driver, who was reportedly a Railcorp employee, was inching out past a Railcorp shed checking if it was safe to cross the tracks. Witnesses said they heard a high-pitched whistle as the train driver tried to signal its approach.

However it was too late and the train hit the car, which rolled on impact.

The driver had a lucky escape, receiving only minor friction burns from the activation of airbags.

Ironically work to install boom gates at the crossing has been underway for the past six weeks with the gates due to be commissioned on Saturday.

Residents say the positioning of the shed to house the electrics for the gates, on the edge of the track at the site, has meant vehicles have to move onto the tracks to see if a train is approaching.

“We've been complaining for weeks about the situation - you just can't see anything,” one resident said.

“It was going to happen.

“There's a hairpin bend and even before they put the shed there it was difficult to check properly.”

Police said there was no interruption to services and only minor damage to the XPT, which continued on its journey after the two drivers were assessed to be unharmed. The nine passengers on the train were unaffected.

Railcorp staff were not available to comment yesterday and the incident is being investigated by Workcover.

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