The lucky country

THANK you Greg White for giving us a good chuckle and some self reflection with your article.

It is a stunning situation with us being the most successful economic country in the world with the best employment rates yet so many still whinge and moan.

People come form around the world to see the brilliant outcome of the past few years in stark contrast to the rest of the world so surely we should be thankful, respectful and helpful in continuing to work together in this new fragile world.

Our government has kept people employed, poured money into education, jobs, training, hospitals, businesses and the environment.

Surely the fundamentals of a decent life.

Sadly though I watch many undermine us all with tax evasion, cash payments excluding GST, demanding subsidies, prop-ups for private business and all those who slam the so-called nanny state constantly with their demands for handouts.

From small to large businesses and farms, "private" schools, mines and even the most wealthy all pushing for help.

Surely private means private business, private profit not taxpayer hand outs.

Let us be more thoughtful and generous to stay "the lucky country".


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