Minister Bill Byrne offers
Minister Bill Byrne offers "the warmth of my embrace" to the Opposition Leader. Alistair Brightman

Cupid's arrow misfires in Queensland Parliament

Can you feel the love …. at parliament, today?

Coincidence or not, there was plenty of pink and red clothing dotted around the legislative chamber at Queensland Parliament today.

Rockhampton MP Bill Byrne even invited his friend opposite in the chamber, Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls, to "feel the warmth of my embrace" because it was Valentine's Day.

Nicholls later swung a quasi-compliment to the Agriculture Minister as the "reappearing, remounted Kenny Rogers, about the same age" for sporting a new beard.

That loving feeling was quickly lost when he swiftly followed with a jibe at Labor's latest portfolio shuffle over Transport Minister Stirling Hinchliffe stepping down over the Queensland Rail debacle in south-east Queensland.

"They lose yet another minister - old Stirling proved to be less than sterling," he said.

Much of question time, the first for the year, centred around the QR issues.

Deputy Premier Jackie Trad, who has taken on the transport portfolio, had earlier promised to fix the trains, saying it would take time and a culture change at the organisation.

The pollies became predictably rowdy as question after question fired on the heated issue.

"I know we all feel the love across the chamber"," Speaker Peter Wellington said, before asking them to pipe down.

It was never going to be a long-lasting romance.

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