Infrastructure and Transport Minister Darren Chester is shown the plans for a Coffs Harbour bypass by Cowper MP Luke Hartsuyker.
Infrastructure and Transport Minister Darren Chester is shown the plans for a Coffs Harbour bypass by Cowper MP Luke Hartsuyker.

Look at other options on the Coffs Harbour bypass

SO THE Turnbull government is unable to find and allocate the necessary $800million to $1billion that's needed to start construction on the Coffs Harbour Pacific Hwy bypass in the next Federal Budget.

We understand times are tough on the national economy and a request from Federal Roads Minister Darren Chester for such a commitment is lagging behind many other more pressing funding issues. Let's face it, Coffs Harbour, there are four lanes through the city as it stands and the single-lane sections are the safety priority.

But Mr Turnbull, look to the alternatives. Allow private enterprise to construct the bypass at its expense and allow them to put tolls in place for interstate travellers and freight companies.

Makes perfect sense given there are tolled roads in Sydney and Brisbane and nothing in between.

Peter Bryant



What you need to know about coastal flooding

IN 2014, New South Wales Planning issued circular PS14-003 "to provide councils with guidance on S149 planning certificate notations relating to coastal flooding." 

Planning certificates are a means of disclosing information about a parcel of land. There are two types of information in planning certificates:

A planning certificate under section 149(2) will disclose matters relating to the land, including whether or not the land is affected by a policy that restricts the development of land. Those policies can be based on identified risks (Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, schedule 4, clause 7), and whether development on the land is subject to flood related development controls (EP&A Regulation, schedule 4, clause 7A). 

A planning certificate may also include information under section 149(5). This allows a council to provide advice on other relevant matters affecting land. This can include past, current or future issues.  

Inclusion of a planning certificate containing information prescribed under section 149(2) is a mandatory part of the property conveyancing process in NSW.  

The conveyancing process does not mandate the inclusion of information under section 149(5) but any purchaser may request such information be provided, pending payment of a fee to the issuing council.  

Planning certificates may, however, be purchased from a council by anyone, at any time and for any purpose.

Wayne Evans, Sandy Beach



Mark Lynch

Commonsense needed on animal protests

I FIND it incredible the very weekend we heard of demonstrating about the performing animals at the visiting circus, we have at the same time trained performing dogs at the pet expo.

Also in the same newspaper is an article about the problem of cats roaming at night killing our small native birds and animals, recommending that these cats be caged at night or at least kept inside.

One has only to watch a racehorse being whipped and urged to win a race for people's pleasure or prize.

Even the dairy cows are trained or herded twice every day to come up and provide milk for our coffee.

We use a animals in many ways for our entertainment and needs.

We have wild camels, donkeys, pigs, cane toads, dogs, cats, rabbits already in Australia.

Should we release all our pet dogs and cats as well?

Have some commonsense and let us enjoy these well trained and cared for animals.

Betty Ladner, Coffs Harbour



Jetty Dune Care cleaning up the Jetty Foreshores.
Jetty Dune Care cleaning up the Jetty Foreshores. Trevor Veale

Why Jetty Foreshores vegetation shouldn't be cleared

WHEN I go on an outing with my family to enjoy the splendid public lands along our Jetty Foreshore we never struggle for views because they are available in magnificent abundance at the historic Jetty, with sweeping, unimpeded 360-degree coastal and hinterland vistas.

With a bit of a walk it gets even better along North Wall and Muttonbird Island.

If we don't want to get out of the car then we go to the southern flanks of the harbour, Gallows Beach, North Wall or South Wall.

When we want to celebrate birthdays and other such occasions we make use of the public picnic areas along the foreshore, with great facilities for families and barely a risk to be experienced.

When the nor-easter is blowing, as it does most afternoons, I am always most thankful for the restored and regenerated native vegetation that ensures our comfort.

Without the vegetation these great community assets would be extremely unpleasant and barely usable when the wind is blowing.

Mark Graham



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Coffs feels like it has been bypassed

BYE bye bypass. How fast would the government take to fine people who bypassed an election? Yes, Coffs Harbour is growing. So how about looking after this city.

Mark Collis


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