Long stays at crease to win title

PARK Beach Bowling Club (PBBC) Colts are clear at the top of the points ladder but the race for the local cricket premiership remains wide open.

The team that will take claim summer’s title is the team that can find the ability to occupy the crease.

It seems a simple enough notion but one that seems to have been ignored of late.

The local cricket scene has been back in a big way over the past five weekends after too many Saturday afternoons lost to rain.

What isn’t back though is smart batting.

Over the past five weekends there has been 16 completed innings in the first-grade competition where the batting team has been dismissed.

Considering a full day’s play in Coffs Harbour cricket comprises 75 overs, what do you think the average length of innings has been during this five-week period?

70? 65? 60 overs? Try 48.

The best cricketers in the district are unable to bat out two-thirds of a day’s play.

Considering the Australian Test team seems to have the same issue, this might not be an emergency situation.

But if you take a look at the Test team’s recent results, it’s obvious that long stays at the crease are the backbone of success.

Any team that manage to find a way to bat out a full day will likely win the title this year.

Even Colts couldn’t bat out its overs on the weekend and that was with a century partnership from Matt Rose and Selwyn Manz.

The other nine wickets were lost for only 70 runs.

No one is asking the batsmen in Coffs Harbour to become corpses with pads on while they’re at the crease.

All that is being asked is that the Twenty20 shots get put back in the rack while trying to get a start early in the innings and batsmen realise that playing out six dot balls and giving the bowler a maiden over is not a bad thing.

Come the grand final the allotted amount of time before compulsory closure is 90 overs.

The way batsmen in first grade cricket are going at the moment, there is a strong chance that the match could be won with an outright result and some time to spare.

Or some team will get its bats-men to put their collective heads down and grind out a big score.

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