Lockyer MP Ian Rickuss
Lockyer MP Ian Rickuss Inga Williams

Lockyer MP Ian Rickuss critical of Grantham flood inquiry

EVERYONE was partly to blame for failures during the Grantham floods, Lockyer MP Ian Rickuss says.

He has described the new Grantham flood inquiry announced on Tuesday as "cherry-picking one issue".

The inquiry's focus will be on man-made and natural features and the Grantham quarry's impact on flooding.

"There were extreme weather events, and everyone was a bit to blame," Mr Rickuss told parliament on Tuesday night.

"The disaster management act was not being followed by the local council; the triple zero system collapsed under the weight of phone calls; and the meteorology bureau's services were poor."

He said the Bureau of Meteorology assumed its gauge was broken when it registered a reading 6m over its previous highest record.

Mr Rickuss also said there were real issues around the act.

"The quarry that was there should have been monitored by the council anyway," he said.

"All of us could have done better, but quarrying does come under the Lockyer Valley Regional Council's jurisdiction."

Mr Rickuss said he pointed that out in a letter sent to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

He said he welcomed the Palaszczuk government spending money in the Lockyer region, but on a per capita basis, more people drowned at Postmans Ridge or Murphys Creek than at Grantham.

"Helidon and Grantham are only 10km apart and there was water from four more creeks to add to that, so that is an indication of the volume of water that was coming down," he said.

"Many in the community feel that, if it is going to be looked into, the whole lot should be looked into and not just cherry-picked."


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