The vista from the top of Robert's Hill.
The vista from the top of Robert's Hill. Trevor Veale

Location is the key to a successful bypass lookout

IT was great to read Neil Manson's idea of a lookout (Advocate, August 11) overlooking Coffs Harbour as a way of ensuring economically the city isn't impacted once bypassed by the Pacific Highway.

As they say out of sight, out of mind, just look at Woolgoolga, Urunga and Kempsey and the impact bypasses have had in recent years.

Yes Roberts Hill offers a great view of Coffs Harbour, which is close to the cutting where the bypass road will be built, but road planners should also not lose sight of the fantastic facilities that have been established at Sealy Lookout.

As a regular visitor, I am perplexed that a better road is yet to be built up Bruxner Park Rd, which is narrow and now not suited to bus traffic.

This rules out the chance of tour groups and bus loads of school kids on excursions and holidays or trips to Coffs from visiting the lookout and the Treetops Park.

Sealy Lookout Dr is weathered and in need of replacement, so is the timing not perfect for a second access road to Sealy from the new bypass as it transgresses the Korora foothills?

I feel this could be the most logical action.

A lookout is a must for Coffs and so is a second access road to Sealy.

Paul Sullivan

Do you support calls for a lookout to be built overlooking Coffs Harbour as part of the city's Pacific Hwy bypass?

This poll ended on 10 August 2020.

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Standing against a Roberts Hill lookout

IN reading the article about the proposed lookout to be built on Roberts Hill, there are many reasons why this should not proceed.

First, there is an active koala colony on Roberts Hill, I can hear them at night since I live under the council land facing the town.

Construction in this area would kill them and reduce their habitat, which is shrinking daily in our area.

Second, there is the clearing of trees for the project and paving that would result in further damage to the land and delicate ecology at the top of Roberts Hill.

Third, there would be a greater likelihood of fire in this area due to operations and visitors and it is a hard grade and forest to control if a fire is set by arsonists or vandals.

Fourth, there is the issue of erosion due to ground cover and forest being stripped as there is already a large amount of runoff from Roberts Hill that is barely contained by the existing flora.

There is a tipping point reached by severe storms that we are experiencing more often now.

Fifth, there is an assortment of wildlife resident in the council land, adjoining National Parks properties and the large banana plantation that abutts it.

They would be made homeless by the encroaching construction and development.

Sixth, there are properties on both sides of Roberts Hill facing town and facing the valley behind that would be grossly negatively impacted by carving up the existing fire trail to the top with its road bumps to deter speeding vehicles down its steep grade

Seventh, the current feeder streets are long, narrow and private with construction likely to cause erosion, negative impact to homeowners' amenities and excessive traffic.

Eighth, we already have a lookout at Sealy, why duplicate this unnecessarily for an admittedly poorer view, farther back from the horizon and ocean.

Finally, we already have a problem with wayward youth and adults, roaring up and down existing roads to Roberts Hill, setting bonfires, letting off fireworks, burnouts, vandalism, break ins and trespassing on adjoining properties. Why encourage more?

Phil Tripp


The best views of the coast

COFFS Harbour really is blessed with some of the best coastline and ocean views in the country with the hills so close to the coast.

My question is do our tourists really know just how good they are?

I am amazed when I take visitors (some who have been to Coffs many times before) to Beacon Hill.

So many visitors just don't know the lookout is there.

So do they know about Sealy Lookout? I doubt it.

I recently took friends from Sydney to the Summit and they were astounded and amazed at the views.

Great idea on the bypass lookout.

Joan Kitching

Blueberry picking in early morning
Blueberry picking in early morning Kativ

Greenwash from the blueberry industry

THE blueberry debate about best practices should not be glossed over with eco-friendly green-wash and local feel-good do nothing statements.

It's not surprising that Blueberry Growers Association Executive Director, Alex Smith, is defending the industries public relations after damning scientific research into water quality.

What we need as a community is State Government on-ground support for rural extension officers and real policy that benefits all but can the Nationals deliver?

They certainly haven't in the past.

Less talk, more action.

Jonathan Cassell,

Emerald Beach


Coffs hosts a stop on Dami's 2018 tour

A HEADS up to the lucky people of Coffs Harbour.

As a huge fan of Dami Im, I'm so envious that Dami is bringing her "I Hear A Song" tour to the C.ex club on November 23.

Dami is an X-Factor winner who finished a phenomenal second in the World's biggest song contest, Eurovision, with more than 200million viewers (the second biggest audience after the soccer World Cup grand final), and Australia's hottest performer and go-to girl for the big events like, Australia Day-Opera house, Carols in the Domain, Funny Girl the musical, performing our national anthem on the big stage nationally and internationally, Commonwealth Games etc.

And now an intimate evening in Coffs Harbour.

Dami is incredible and unforgettable live and will be singing some songs from her new album "I Hear A Song" which is a collection of beautiful clear crisp lyrical genius.

I am not a promoter but an enthusiastic Irish immigrant who has been touched by Dami's persona and incredible musical talent.

Surprisingly there are stacks of tickets left so get your tickets now or forever kick yourself.

This night will be extra special with the recent passing of Aretha Franklin, who has been a huge influence on Dami and will most probably be singing a tribute "Say a Little prayer" which is also on her new CD.

Have a listen to this heavenly CD. @damiim #DamiArmy

Gerry Coleman

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