Local speedsters causing chaos

FED up with speedsters hooning around the Coffs Coast, police and Coffs Harbour City Council have joined forces in a major blitz.

They’re installing mobile electronic speed signs on local roads and officers will throw the book at drivers caught exceeding the limit.

This follows research by the council which shows speed is the major cause of smashes on our local roads and locals are mostly to blame.

“Over the past 10 years there has been a drop in speed-related crashes on state roads (such as the Pacific Highway) but not on local roads,” said the council’s transport and road safety officer, Anne Shearer.

“Studies have shown that alcohol and speed are the most common causes of crashes and 40 per cent of fatal crashes are on local roads.

“The campaign we’re running with the police and RTA is aimed at getting drivers to be aware of their speed so that we can help cut that toll.”

Sergeant Brett Jackson said police would be undertaking extra patrols on locals roads and in particular would focus on Coramba Road/Orara Way and Bucca Road.

“We want people to obey the speed limit and to drive to the conditions,” Sgt Jackson said.

“The statistics show local drivers are coming to grief. Perhaps it is over-confidence or familiarity which is lulling them into a false sense of security.”

Between 2001 and 2008, Coramba Road/Orara Way recorded 71 speed crashes, two fatalities and 33 injuries, followed by Bucca Road (51 speed crashes, seven fatalities and 21 injuries).

Other roads to figure highly in the crash statistics include Sawtell Road, Hogbin Drive, Bruxner Park Road, Bray Street, Eastern Dorrigo Way, Toormina Road, James Small Drive, Lyons Road, Linden Avenue and Albany Street.

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