St Augustine's successful basketball program is preparing for each team's final matches of the year.
St Augustine's successful basketball program is preparing for each team's final matches of the year. Submitted

Basketball finals coming up

AFTER almost 900 games played by 140 teams over the past four months, the finals series for the local basketball competitions get under way this week starting with the senior women on Tuesday night.

The current senior competition had the most number of teams for many years with 45 teams entered in the competition and the end-of-season results show just how close the competition was with one win separating the top three teams in most divisions.

The new ‘Solar & Bamboo Direct Men’s Super league’ competition lived up to all expectations.

Using a ‘draft system’ and with State league players placed in charge of each of the teams, six strong, equal-strength teams were formed. At the end of that competition Spurs and Celtics had 11 wins each and Magic 10 indicating the tightness of the pointscore.

In the men’s B grade competition Chrome Black have had 12 wins, All Ordinaries came in second with 11 wins, and Outlaws finished the season with 10 wins.

The C grade men’s competition saw Nolan & Partners taking first place with 42 points ahead of BIA Blazers and Arsonists equal on 40 points and Dragons on 39. The competition rules indicate that when two teams finish on equal points, the result of the games between the two teams in the round games decides the winner. BIA Blazers defeated Arsonists in their round game, so take second place with Arsonists going into third place for the semi finals.

In the D grade men’s competition, two teams finished equal first and two teams finished equal second.

By applying the rules of the competition, Lumberjacks took first place over Retreads because of a 69-47 win over Retreads in the rounds.

Brumbys and Optics played a draw in the spilt round, so competition organisers have had to go back to the full round of games where Optics took a 43-29 win over Brumbys.

This places Optics in third place and Brumby’s get into the semis in fourth place.

The A grade women’s competition was a cut-and-dried affair with Park Beach Physio retaining their stranglehold on the division, with just one loss from 16 games.

However, with a defeat in the second last round of competition, opposition teams are confident that they might be able to topple the Physios in the finals series.

The end-of-round results in the B grade women, with 10 teams in the division, were interesting. While the Advocate team again took top spot, they had the same number of wins as third placed Mix-ups, but interestingly 4 teams in the lower section of the pointscore each had 7 wins during the season.

A number of forfeits during the season, combined with a couple of teams losing points for playing unregistered players, has been the difference in the final pointscore tally.

In C grade women Sick Bickies took first place with 13 wins, ahead of Maccapaccas with 11, Orara Kidz with 10 and Dealer Direct on 7 wins.

The final games in the rounds for the primary school competition are being played today and the results of some of those games will determine final four teams.

In the 3-4 boys division 1 comp, Kororo Krushers and MHOC Storm are on equal first place while Narranga Sharks are just one win ahead of Narranga Titans in the 3-4 boys division 2 competition.

In the 5/6 boys division 1 competition, one win also separates first place St Augustine’s All Stars and second place Kororo Looney Tunes.

While St Francis Xavier Shamwows are one win ahead of BDC Boomers in the 5-6 boys div 2 pointscore.

In the girls’ divisions Kororo Pandas are well ahead in the 3-4 division 1 competition while four points currently separates division 2 leaders BDC Beautiful Butterflies from SFX Shooting Stars.

BDC Bounce are ahead in the 5-6 girls division 1 competition by just two points with MHOC Opals and Christian Community School Southern Stars in equal second position.

In the 5-6 girls div 2 competition BDC Bad Girls have recorded 10 wins, MHOC Gems have had nine and MHOC Girl Power have had eight wins.

Good luck to all teams as they head into the semi finals this week.

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