Letter to the Editor - April 20: Local climate action

THERE were celebrations among local supporters of renewable energy after the Coffs Harbour City Council meeting.

The council chambers were packed out by members of the public over concerns about a proposal to reduce council's renewable energy target for 2020 from 25% to 10%.

After extensive debate, the council voted to retain the targets previously adopted.

Dr Andrew Grey, a local psychologist, addressed the meeting, emphasising any backtracking on targets would be "a significant breach of community trust".

He described a delay in action as loss for the planet, a loss financially and a loss to the image of Coffs Harbour.

He called on councillors to "show you have integrity, and to capitalise on an amazing win-win opportunity. "Be a part of a positive legacy in the future of your grandchildren.

"For the sake of the community, your grandchildren, the planet, political credibility, keep it at 25%."

This view was endorsed by 650 community members through a petition delivered to council.

We are delighted council has listened to the community and to the overwhelming evidence in favour of renewable energy.

The targets are entirely achievable, affordable and an essential part of our responsibility to act on climate change.

Liisa Rusanen,
Coffs Coast Climate Action Group

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