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Local author's book is published

A recently released biography from local author Spencer Bruskin
A recently released biography from local author Spencer Bruskin
After ten years of research, transcribing, writing and revising, local writer Spencer Bruskin has published his book on Amazon in Kindle format.
The title, “Any Damned Fool Can Be Uncomfortable”, was his father’s favorite expression. During WWII, he slept in foxholes, shattered buildings and any place else where he could escape danger and the weather. Comfort and safety ranked highly with him during his four and a half years overseas. But Bob Bruskin, Spencer's father, was not a career soldier. During his time, he was a newspaperman, an army counterintelligence officer and a foreign service officer. He was born in New York in 1910 to a Russian Jewish immigrant family. Kathleen Bruskin, Spencer's mother, was a Nebraskan born in 1911 into a family with a long lineage in America. She became a respected professional artist and teacher. She was responsible for him writing this book. It turned out that she was the family history “pack rat”. She saved the many hundreds of letters that she and Spencer's father wrote to each other starting as far back as their meeting in 1931 and continuing over the years, especially during the war.
Spencer wrote their story using their voices reproduced from letters, diaries and recordings and weaved them into a history of their times and the events they experienced that were influential in their lives and lives of their generation.

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