Lively Physiotherapy owner Stephanie Vanden-Bergh
Lively Physiotherapy owner Stephanie Vanden-Bergh Rainee Shepperson

Lively local launches new Mackay business

'FEEL Good, Be Lively' is the slogan for new physiotherapy clinic Lively Physiotherapy, which opened its doors to the public for the first time this week.

Stephanie Vanden-Bergh is a Mackay local who has been passionate about health and physiotherapy since she was a young girl.

Opening a clinic has always been a dream of hers and she is excited to help people lead their best lifestyles.

"My focus on physio is always on what the patient wants to do during their day, whether it be performing better at work or playing more sports, and directing my treatment towards that,” Stephanie said.

"I wanted to create a practice that focuses on celebrating what we have locally, what Mackay has to offer, and encouraging patients to overcome their pain and injuries so they can keep up with their busy lifestyles.”

Stephanie is determined to assist her patients in enjoying their favourite activities, no matter what they may be.

"Everyone likes doing different things. Some people really enjoy being social on their weekends and participating in park runs or going to the markets, other people like to get away and go camping and other people like to stay in bed and read a book, and that's completely fine,” she said.

The Lively Physio
The Lively Physio The Lively Physio

"It's about helping people identify what they want to do on their weekends and making sure pain and injury doesn't stop them from doing those things - that's always the goal of treatment.

"Mackay has so many fantastic things on offer so I try and use those opportunities to motivate people to get active.”

Stephanie uses social media as a platform to share her love of health and wellness with the online world.

As a co-founder of the popular @mackay_living Instagram page that has nearly 6000 followers, Stephanie promotes the wide range of attractions that Mackay has to offer, while encouraging people to get out and be active.

"Mackay Living is a page I run with a couple of friends. Several years ago there was a lot of negative misconceptions about Mackay and we really didn't like that because there is such beautiful scenery here and we also have great job opportunities - not many towns have that,” she said.

"We've got great beaches, hinterlands and an upcoming cafe and restaurant culture, so there's a lot to showcase. If we can get people enjoying their lifestyles in Mackay then it benefits the individual and it benefits the town as a whole.”

The Lively Physio
The Lively Physio The Lively Physio

Using a different approach to treating patients is what makes Lively Physiotherapy unique among clinics.

"The goal is always to rehabilitate an injury, however that is just one component of rehab and I try and emphasise to the patient that their focus needs to be on their lifestyle and not on their injury,” Stephanie said.

We can expect to see plenty of community events being held by Lively Physiotherapy in coming months, with the focus of these events being on encouraging the healthy living culture in Mackay.

"I'd like to get people enjoying going on beach walks, and doing park runs and things like that. Hopefully I can hold some free community events,” Stephanie said.

"There's no reason Mackay can't feel like Byron Bay.

"There is still a lot of people that are quite negative about Mackay but I'm trying to change that.”

Supporting local business is extremely important to Stephanie and because of this the Lively Physiotherapy office will be showcasing goods created by the Mackay Men's Shed, the Pioneer Potters, Xylo Bladz and other local artists.

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