Listen up molls: Pick on somebody your own size

Rebecca Judd wearing Danica Erard head wear fashion piece. Photo Contributed / Daily Mercury
Rebecca Judd wearing Danica Erard head wear fashion piece. Photo Contributed / Daily Mercury Contributed

GET over it, ladies. Rebecca Judd is skinnier than you.

She doesn't have to exercise and she's still got a thigh gap. She has had four kids and she's still got rock-hard abs. Don't hate her for it, just accept it and get over it.

Weight-shamers should back off TV host and blogger Rebecca Judd.

It's not as if being mean will suddenly make her put on ten kilos so she looks more like the rest of us."

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I'm not surprised Judd has hit out at a group of women who questioned whether she was going to eat a meal that was put in front of her while she was filming Postcards.

"I hear this group of women, they would have been in their 60s, coming to the side," Judd said on KIIS FM.

Judd said the women mocked her, "As if she's going to eat that!".

When Judd was pregnant recently she attracted similar comments, with people calling her vain, malnourished, and suggesting she's had a tapeworm or even a tumour.

As she put it on radio: "When do women stop being molls?"

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Now, I do think Judd to some extent invites comments on her body because of the way she continually puts herself out there on social media.

We see Judd, who has just given birth to twins, posing in skinny jeans most women couldn't get one arm in.

We see her dressed up for races, or the polo in body-hugging dress perfectly showcasing her very thin - but beautiful - body.

We see her when she was pregnant with twins wearing a stretchy Dion Lee dress perfectly showcasing her slim limbs and lovely round pregnant belly.

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If Judd didn't want people to notice her, she wouldn't regularly show off her figure to her 520,000 Instagram followers.

I have no problem with such discussions - when you put yourself in the public eye comparisons and judgments are inevitable. If you don't want someone to talk about you, or your figure, then social media probably isn't the right place for you to be.

However, I do think enough is enough. There is no need for such nastiness in this case. The haters just need to get over the fact that Rebecca Judd is naturally skinny and just happens to be tall and gorgeous as well.


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Judd herself has summed it up perfectly: "Nobody has the energy to grow four big, bouncing babies, work a gazillion jobs, run businesses, a household and a family on an empty stomach".

People should be more respectful. Judd isn't suggesting other women look like her. She's not pushing dangerous weight-loss products and she's not shaming other women (like me, for instance) who are shorter and larger than her.

Time to move on, ladies, and pick on someone your own size.

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