Oliver and Frances star in the 2014 season of the TV series Beauty and the Geek.
Oliver and Frances star in the 2014 season of the TV series Beauty and the Geek. PHOTO Channel

Lighter side of reality TV

I HAVE always had a soft spot for the show Beauty and the Geek.

Perhaps it's those bespectacled geeks coming out of their shells, or their attempts to enlighten pretty girls who are actually giving them the time of day, even if they're doing it because they're getting their 15 minutes of fame.

Unlike many other reality shows, BATG has no grand ambitions.

There's no talk of singing or cooking "for your life", or tense real estate auctions where tens and even thousands of dollars are on the line.

The show is simply out to help young geeks be less socially awkward, and to help young women obsessed with their looks discover that there's more to life than shopping.

And shame on anyone whose heart doesn't melt just that little bit when they see a geek, fresh from his makeover, walk with a new sense of confidence.

"I think they feel safe because they've seen the previous episodes and they know there's not going to be a twist where we make them out to be the villain or the bad guy," host James Tobin told me recently.

"We're not out to deceive anyone. As the production team and as the viewer, everyone is on team geek. You're wishing them well."

I think the bachelorettes on The Bachelor could even take a page or two from the beauties' book.

Don't take yourselves too seriously - you're on a reality show. Just have fun with it.

If there were more laugh-out-loud sound bites from the most recent crop of bachelorettes, Laurina being the one exception, then The Bachelor would have been less catty and more fun to watch.

As we approach summer and non-sport viewing options will start to dwindle, I say jump on team geek.

The show is light, bright and always good for a chuckle.

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