Mark Lynch

Letters to the Editor

Local energy production

I WOULD like to ask the local members of parliament, both state and national, the questions below. It would seem the National Party are still backing coal as the primary form of energy production. One of their reasons is because it produces employment.

1. How many jobs are created by coal fired power stations in the local electorates?

2. How many jobs are there in in the local electorates associated with solar panels and wind generators?

3. Do you support the building of a new coal fired powered station and would be in a local electorate?

4. Have you lobbied for the development of large scale solar. wind generator and/or pumped hydro systems in local electorates?

5. Would it not be best for the local members to push for energy production which creates jobs in the local area?

6. Have you ascertained how many suitable locations there are in the local electorates for pumped hydro locations?

'Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.' Charles Darwin

Rod Ryan, Coffs Harbour

Line markings needed for safety

I WANT to bring attention to the intersection of the Pacific Hwy and the Isles industrial park traffic lights.

When traffic is entering the highway from Industrial Dr opposite the hospital entrance there are no lane or road markings.

Drivers simply assume there is.

While sitting in my school-bus in the queue waiting to move forward, a carload of tourists were nearly squashed by a semi-trailer when the driver of that vehicle decided to turn left to the north from the unmarked right lane.

This intersection needs some love, attention and road markings.

Mark Linney

Fast food wrapping is the real problem

THE recycling system introduced in NSW on Friday is intended to reduce the amount of litter which ends up on roadsides, parks and numerous other locations.

As a regular picker up of all rubbish on many roadsides let me assure you of a few facts. 

As a percentage of all rubbish, drink bottles & cans which are acceptable within this scheme is nothing like 44% of all rubbish as claimed, but more like 15 - 20%. 

Plastics and paper represent the largest category and the winner is McDonalds food & drink containers followed by KFC and a multitude of others.

May I offer a few practical suggestions which would significantly reduce the total litter problem.

Ensure all motor vehicles are conveniently fitted with easily accessible litter bags so as to reduce the temptation to automatically eject rubbish from the vehicle.

The number of roadside rubbish containers be increased to include all safe and convenient pull-over stops.

The major junk food people issue small disposable bags with each purchase to encourage customers to dispense empty containers more wisely. 

This could even be extended to take-away customers being offered a small discount on future purchases when such a container is returned and placed in an appropriate rubbish bin

Encourage people to dispose of rubbish in excess of normal regular pickups by using the council rubbish tips---after all that is what they are there for, and stop the stupid system of actually charging a fee to dispose of rubbish.

Contract out roadside rubbish collection, this works well in New Zealand.

Immediately stop this return and earn system just to reduce a very small portion of our total rubbish, it is not a complete solution which is plainly obvious in parts of Australia which has adopted this scheme.

Any more solutions.

Lindsay Moulden, Repton                                                 


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