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Solar stand-off

AS A totally off-the-grid solar-powered household, no prizes for guessing where we stand on this question.

The Coalition’s continued attacks on renewable energy combined with their support for expansion of coal mining fly completely in the face of globally accepted science.

This country was among the leaders in renewables development. It could be again with the appropriate policies. We have such a wealth of resources both physical and intellectual, it beggars belief that we are not making the most of them.

History will show the billion dollar cut to arena was among the absolute worst government decisions since Federation.

Cut the shackles with antediluvian thinking, and benefit our planet and our children by embracing our renewable energy future.

John Wills

Funding force

ROB Oakeshott is not afraid to have the difficult conversations, to fight for our community and have a voice with conviction in Parliament.

The grubby, lie-ridden campaign of the Nationals needs to be put into perspective.

They are worried that the man who ‘did’ achieve for the electorate is threatening their ‘safe seat’. Others may have cut the ribbons, but it was Rob Oakeshott who is responsible for securing the funding for infrastructure including the Port Macquarie Base Hospital expansion, the Pacific and Oxley Hwys, the Rehabilitation Unit at the Port Macquarie Private Hospital, Charles Sturt University, and establishment of the new Medical Campus, which provides full medical degrees through The University NSW.

Before believing what is splashed across our TV screens, take the time to visit Rob’s website,, and read about his other achievements, the truth about his policies, and media statement in regards to ‘preferences’.

You can choose to stay living in a ‘safe seat’, where your MP can safely continue to do nothing, and avoid having those difficult conversations, or you can vote for a change to an MP whose work ethic is proven, and will be 100% accountable to the electorate.

Clyte May,

Port Macquarie

His track record

ROB Oakeshott entered sate politics with the Nationals support.

He switched mid term to be an Independent.

The Carr Government seized the opportunity to keep the seat away from the Nationals by pouring money into Port Macquarie and making Mr Oakeshott a good bloke.

It worked, Rob’s popularity won him a Federal seat. Later when there was a hung parliament his vital vote resulted in a return of the Gillard Government and the shocking budget deficit that we have now.

Ron Foster, Mylestom

The big issue

WEST Antarctica is losing ice faster than we predicted.

The strongest cyclone ever recorded passed through the South Pacific in February this year testing the definition of Category 5.

Locally, we had an east coast low of enormous proportions, which devastated our most populated areas from south east Queensland to Tasmania.

From a social, environmental and financial perspective, climate change is bigger than Gonski, bigger than Medicare and even bigger than negative gearing.

So my message to Malcolm and Bill, in the Year of the Monkey, is no new coal mines in Australia, a target of 80% renewable energy by 2030 and a phasing out of all coal exports by 2030.

Wayne Evans

Sandy “eroding” Beach

Show me the money

Subject: Cowper election

A $12 million dollar sweetener for Southern Cross University and Coffs Harbour if Luke Hartsuyker and the Coalition is re-elected.

They must be really concerned about the opposition.

Graham Knowles,

Coffs Harbour

More than 200 motorists caught speeding on local roads

More than 200 motorists caught speeding on local roads

Multiple charges laid as part of Operation Rapid.

Let's embrace ourcity's growth

Let's embrace ourcity's growth

Incredible opportunity exists to make Coffs a city for the future.

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