Letters to the editor

Trees felled for road

IT IS with interest I have followed the debate about the new road through Pioneer Park - is it a temporary access road, or is it to be a permanent fixture?

When one reads the various commentary over the past 12 months there appears to be some uncertainty.

Similarly, the removal of trees has been confusing.

The Coffs Coast Advocate article on September 26 states that six trees will be removed, including four koala food trees.

Then on November 8, a CCA article states just one eucalypt tree will be removed.

Then things got interesting.

All of the trees on the northern and western side of the park were removed some two to three weeks ago, leaving just four mature eucalypts on the south- eastern side of the park.

So I though great, at least these four trees will retain some sense of resemblance of the park as it was. How wrong was I, as last week these four mature eucalypts were also given the chop.

There will be an obvious, at the very least plausible, explanation from CHCC for the changes to tree removal going from six trees, to one tree, to leaving just four and then deciding to remove the remaining four trees leaving a balance of zero trees in the park.

Jeff Otto, Coramba


What do we want?

DO WE want properly funded pension, health care and education systems, or do we want 12 unneeded submarines and to continue to allow companies, to avoid paying their due taxes in Australia?

This choice and many others, is ours on July 2.

Robin Hesketh



Put the region first

AT THE recent Bellingen Writers Festival Tony Windsor, talking about the NBN said: "Do it once, do it right and do it in fibre" Why didn't we do it right?

The reason is party politics. The Coalition had to oppose all of Labor's policies because in a two-party system that's what oppositions do. The result? The NBN is now an absolute mess. Far more expensive, taking far longer to install and not nearly as good as the original.

This is party politics.

Things done and then undone or abandoned and a highly politicised public service which changes with every government.

Can we do anything about it?

Yes we can.

We can elect many more independents so that governments, whatever their complexion, must seek the co-operation of these members so that they can govern.

This would result in a more co-operative and consensual system which acts in the interests of communities rather than party politics.

We can begin that process at the coming election by electing Rob Oakeshott as the independent Member for Cowper. He's smart, knows his way around the corridors of power in Canberra and would put this region's needs and concerns first.

Paul Milton, Bellingen


Showcase of talent

OUR 44th annual Coffs Harbour and District Eisteddfod concluded on Sunday, June 19 and we would like to acknowledge the great talent that was on display during the three- week competition across all four disciplines (Dance, Piano, Vocal and Speech and Drama). We are very fortunate on the Coffs Coast to have such amazing talent.

The eisteddfod remains one of the few opportunities for young people to gain experience in live performance with feedback being received from experts in their respective fields.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank all of our amazing volunteers and sponsors without whom our eisteddfod would not be able to run.

The contributions made by our sponsors allows us to provide a large number of cash prizes, scholarships and other awards providing additional opportunities for these young performers.

We are in the infancy stages of planning our 45th annual Coffs Harbour Eisteddfod to be held next year. Should anyone be willing or able to help us, we would appreciate contact through our website at coffseisteddfod.org.au.

Jye Ramsay

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New works scheduled for Coffs Harbour boat ramp

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