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Letters to the editor - June 15, 2016

Make Cowper matter

ROB Oakeshott has confirmed he is standing as an independent for the seat of Cowper in the July 2 elections. He has made a very important decision that has the potential to bring great benefits to Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie.

When he was last in Federal Parliament, Rob held powerful sway in negotiations with the government of the day on their proposed legislation.

The upshot was that health, education and infrastructure funds came to Port Macquarie as never before.

Polls seem to indicate that independents could very well hold similar positions of power again after this election.

There would be no better person than Rob Oakeshott to fulfil that role if it eventuated.

Rob has the experience and capabilities to best represent the Cowper electorate in Canberra and I urge people of Coffs Harbour to get right behind him.

Gwenda Lee, Port Macquarie


The power base

THIS is an open letter to Rob Oakeshott.

It's no use boasting about the things you achieved in politics. It's the way you did it that counts.

You got what you wanted by selling out your support base and handing their vote over to the Brown and Gillard political machinery.

Your sort of politics is not welcome on the north coast.

Neville Williams, Coffs Harbour


Please vote wisely

AFTER the floods and waves we are left to assess and repair the damage.

I have been surprised how brief the acknowledgement is that climate change has played a roll in these extreme, unprecedented storms.

The science has told us for decades as global temperatures rise we will see more severe storms, more torrential rain leading to extreme flooding and higher sea levels from ice melt and expanded ocean mass.

ike the small beach community of Arrawarra who wish to deny the physics of climate change and our council who pander to their wishes, I find it ludicrous that we as a community are living in denial in the face of climate change.

What we have just witnessed on the Coffs Coast and across the east coast is a taste of things to come. The high tide mixed with the extreme storm front is a preview to our future.

We can choose to ignore the science of climate change, but can we stop the waves?

With news Rob Oakeshott is now running in our electorate I hope his leadership, his understanding of the climate science and his ability to use his power as an independent to invest in the community will inspire our community to vote for a better option.

Marnie Cotton, Coffs Harbour


Skateboard hazard

SINCE the new skate park was built, there is increased skateboard traffic through the city centre, causing general annoyance and potential for accidents.

Council's rangers seem powerless to control this.

The local police used to have regular and random "hour of power" foot patrols in the area.

The officers reacted socially with shoppers and were highly visible.

It made a huge difference to unruly behaviour and increased the general feeling of safety.

Michael Reid, Coffs Harbour


Say no to live exports

THE unacceptable mistreatment of animals in the live export trade continues and evidence shows Australia's minimal live export welfare regulations do not work.

More than 2.1 million sheep have died during the cruel journey from Australia over the last 10 years.

Australia can provide a more economically robust and humane alternative to the live export trade by boosting boxed meat exports.

The Greens have a plan to transition away from this cruel trade, and support our domestic meat processing sector by growing our more economically sustainable chilled meat trade.

Mary Forbes, Eungai Creek

Driving dosed up on prescription drugs to become illegal

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Driving dosed up on codeine, or cold and flu, tablets to be illegal.

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