LETTER: There is still so much to be done

LETTER TO EDITOR: A name synonymous with the Hervey Bay region: Edward John Sorensen, though more affectionately known as Ted, is a name firmly embedded in recent Wide Bay history.

On a few occasions, I have seen very fit people accompanying Ted during one of his normal daily rounds of the electorate returning tired and amazed at the pace required to keep up.

He has a unique personality and a commitment to the community I have rarely ever seen in any other public official.

Quite recently, I stood with Ted looking out over the Hervey Bay Esplanade and I commented: "This is one of the most beautiful regions on the Queensland coast."

Ted mused a little on the scene in front of us and then replied, "Yes ... but there is still so much yet to be done in the city and surrounding regions ... the kids growing up here will want to look at the same view but with far more in the picture than what we are seeing."

I knew then that Ted Sorensen was looking well beyond what I was.

Living a day in the life of this versatile entity means moving quickly to address matters over a wide area in a short time, and no stops for the usual comforts afforded to the everyday person.


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