Mark Lynch

Letters to the Editor, Saturday, September 9

Mum's half marathon was simply inspiring

WHAT a great achievement by Clare Palmer to win the Bendigo Bank half marathon.

I ran a half marathon in much slower time than Clare many years back and I only have four kids.

I fully appreciate her mighty effort.

Worthy of a Coffs Coast major award.

Well done Clare.

John Singh



Vaccinations are not a promised safeguard

I AM starting to fear this government with its stance on forced vaccinations. First kids whooping cough (one son of my three reacted so bad the doctor advised against further jabs and was exposed to it at school and was okay), now flu jabs for the elderly.

I have never had a flu shot and haven't caught it, even though people have been spluttering around me, yet have met people who had a jab and caught the flu.

Julie Midavai,




Postcards to the Premier from Coffs

ALL this wisdom that has come upon me as I age is as amazing to me as it has been to many.

Of course, the next step from wisdom is senility.

And I can hardly wait for it.

However, look at the following and determine for yourself if I have crossed that thin line.

I reckon we should send Gladys Berejiklian and her cabinet a postcard every so often with a map of the East Coast of NSW and an outline of Coffs Harbour just to show them where it is.

Just in case that there is a bit of cash left over from the spending in her little bailiwick that might be sent our way.

Our postcard should suck up to Old Galds and not mention the bypass.

The what?

I never said a thing.

No good sending one to PM Turnbull, becasue he is hardly in the country to know where any one lives outside the large voting areas.

Peter Rake,

Coffs Harbour



No sympathy for asylum seekers

IN REPLY to the letter by Marlene Griffin (Your Say, September 2, 'An affront to Aussie values').

I would like to point out many of these people, to whom she refers, were conned by dubious and illegal boat owners into spending a lot of money to illegally come to Australia and, in most cases, not to escape from supposedly "war torn countries", but to avail themselves of a life of cream and honey, living on the over generous Australian welfare system.

No one asked them to come here, and they certainly did come to Australia illegally.

These people have subsequently received (and God knows why) substantial financial 'compensation' awards through the courts and very costly medical attention, at a huge cost overall to Australian taxpayers.

Whilst I sympathise with the plight of people from war-torn countries, I have no sympathy for people shopping for a better life at our taxpayers' expense and entering our country illegally to live off our welfare system.

As a retired pensioner, I have worked very hard through my life to achieve my relatively modest lifestyle and do not appreciate the intrusion of foreigners seeking to live a life of ease on our overtaxed welfare system.

Hank Piper,




Solution to nation's electricity quandary

THE Liberals Parliamentary Members must dump the Prime Minister, drop the Paris Agreement, build some nuclear power generation stations and take control of the electrical distribution grid for the betterment of this nation.

Robert S. Buick

Adventure park to open next week

Adventure park to open next week

TreeTop Adventure Park officially opens in Coffs Harbour.

Coffs engineer helps to save lives in Bangladesh

Coffs engineer helps to save lives in Bangladesh

This is one of the more challenging missions I have experienced

Cost of living budget 'laughable'

Cost of living budget 'laughable'

Luke Foley said cost of living budget measure is laughable.

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