Letters to the Editor - Saturday, January 7

No escape if winds blow from the south

HOW lovely it was to wake on New Year's Day to a southerly change and a bit of relief from the heat.

The relief didn't last long as we were still in bed when the stench from the poo ponds drifted through our unit, requiring us to close all doors and windows to keep out the smell. We wandered down to the harbourside markets and the car boot sale - the stink was everywhere.

We tried to cool off at the beach - the stink was everywhere.

We went for a surf at Diggers Beach - the stink was everywhere.

As I type this email out I am unfortunately inside with windows shut and fans blasting to try and cool us down. The stink outside is unbearable.

Coffs Council is failing the people of Coffs Harbour if it cannot adequately perform one of its core functions - waste management.

When will this situation be properly remedied?

Jude Turner

Coffs Harbour

Call on the council to clear the air

WE live on a 10-metre by 30-metre block pay $2,800 in rates and do not have kerb and guttering or street lighting and no do no have fresh air.

The smell from teh treatment plant is so bad it permeates through our whole house so doors must be kept closed. Sitting outside is not an option.

The fire at Englands Rd was six months ago. How long does it take to dix this nasty problem or was it ignored until the residents complained.

Pat Armstrong

Holiday cut short due to the stench

WHAT'S going on with the stench at the Jett? I am currently here on holidays and I'm cutting my holiday short. I have spoken with locals and they inform me that you have your sewerage works near the airport and this is what's causing the stench. It pervades our unit and the jetty area restaurants. I have written to your local council. I will never return and I will tell every one not to come here because of this stench. The council needs to fix this.

Robyn Walsh

Where's the fair go for pensioners?

Dear PM. I hope you are having a wonderful break.

So the knife has been taken to pensioners who saved and rather than hold their hands out for a gold coin they worked hard and saved (how dare they!)

Instead they have had a slap in the face, and yet those in the government, who most have never worked a day in their life have not had their nest egg touched and never will as they sit on the bench keeping their bum warm, is it any wonder that the people in the real world, not pollies, they are in la la land, who float around having a picture taken as they hold a shovel in their delicate hands something most of them would not know what a shovel is for.

How sad it is that the turkeys who seem to think they are swans, are the ones who should also have their nest egg cut. Instead they are untouchable.

Barbara O'Mara

Local nurse is the best in the world

premium_icon Local nurse is the best in the world

Maiysha Craig wins World martial arts title

Coffs Harbour bypass land buy-up

premium_icon Coffs Harbour bypass land buy-up

Compulsory acquisition process set to start on highway corridor.

News and headphones - better together

News and headphones - better together

Take up a 12-month digital subscription and you get a pair

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