LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: I won’t support Labor or LNP


As a community elder, less than two weeks from my eightieth birthday, I appeal to all those born before 1980 and ask that you ponder on how we are governed, by your state and federal governments.

All politicians and their masters, non-elected party members, have since the birth of democracy shouted that they are elected by the people to serve the people and wondered if you like me still believe this mantra?

All political parties and politicians are now overwhelmed by individuals who are tertiary trained in political sciences whereas before 1980 the minority of politicians did not have any university qualifications and few came through the party system at today is compulsory.

By the way, bureaucrats in all governments now follow the same path.

No longer are politicians elected in the interests of the people.

Their masters, the party they pledge allegiance, also, no longer serves the people.

Their world is all about ideology - Utopian fantasies and power to apply those ideologies. Especially in the world of the socialist progressives.

I, in 2015, ceased to follow the Liberal Party, and have not supported the party since, because the federal parliamentary members trashed my values and standards when they supported Malcolm Turnbull.

Now in 2020, all the state and territory governments have trashed the concept of the Commonwealth of Australia and its Constitution and become law under their despotic, dictatorial authority.

Eight governing groups of power politics casting aside nearly 120 years of progress and advancement and are collectively creating a national depression that will remain for many years.

Queensland is in election mode with just over two months before polling day, so how many voters will support Labor or the Liberal National Party that day?

I indeed will not!

The trashing of the concept of democracy by the Queensland government is against my understanding of the national constitution and being an Australian, I wonder how many readers have the same principles?

Robert S Buick

Mountain Creek, Qld.


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AS: I really think you are wrong Anon concerning aged care homes. At the present if you have no savings, rented all your life, smoked & drank, other wise wasted all your money you get into an old peoples home for free except for your pension. But if you have worked hard saved bought your home, not smoked or drank it costs you extra more than your pension. Not free. If you don't have enough savings to make up your extra cost on top of your pension you are made sell your house. They take that money. If when you pass away there is still any money left that little bit goes back into your estate. Not a fair system to people that have worked hard and saved & not wasted their money.


RN. Can someone please give me one good reason why the Palaszczuk Government should be returned in the up and coming election. Queensland has been stagnant for years, this wasteful government continues to drag us down, now the worst performing State in Australia and this was long before Covid19. Palaszczuk would have us believe she has saved Queenslanders from Covid 19. She has only done what any Premier would have done, taking and acting upon advice from the CMO. Covid19 will eventually go but this State will still be a train wreck long after Covid if this government is returned to power. Time for a change, it could not get any worse.


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