Coronavirus has created uncertain times.
Coronavirus has created uncertain times.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Governments creating Covid fear?


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Governments creating fear around coronavirus?
It is about four, maybe five months since the COVID-19 panic disrupted everyone’s lifestyle and caused a global recession.

I join the ranks of many who question the restrictions and action imposed by governments, especially here in Australia.

Until COVID-19 arrived this year, the climate change hoax was the greatest since the Y2K in the dying years of the 1990s, and we’ll see if COVID-19 will be a more damaging hoax than climate change.

The first week of COVID-19 modelling stated that 150,000 Australians were expected to perish in a pandemic and the nation would go on to meltdown - that was about mid-March.

It is now mid-July, some 180 have died having the virus identified, all over 60 years of age and with having severe medical complications other than COVID-19.

Yet we are told 80 per cent of those likely to have the symptoms will not know they are infected, and this brings me to the point, why are we again panicking about the numbers infected?

I contend that governments of Australia are again creating fear and panic among many by using daily infection numbers.

Surely by acting as they are, they are continuing to prolong hardship and uncertainty for many thousands of families and restricting the state and nation recovery.

We, who are the most vulnerable, and I am nearly 80, say to all governments, let the herd immunity run its course and reinforce the care and responsibility to the most vulnerable.

Cease this dictatorial bullying of the people.

Robert Buick,

Mountain Creek, Queensland.


Harry's View
Harry's View


ANON: Advice and regulations are rightly being lawfully enforced by authorities to help reduce the spread of the COVID pandemic. I feel that it’s in the public’s interest that consideration should now be given to improving the standard/quality of air-conditioning of public buildings; for example, by increasing the number of “air changes” per hour to reduce the spread by droplet type infection?

MOOSE, DEPOT HILL: Ch7 News 12/7. The new runway opened at Brisbane Airport today. TV coverage on board of first flight to Cairns. Social distancing absolutely non existent.

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