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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Explaining how laws are made


Constituents contact my office daily, calling for laws to be changed.

Many are not aware of how laws are made in Queensland or the limitations of Opposition members of Parliament.

I thought I would take this opportunity to explain how laws are made.

A law starts life as a bill.

A bill is typically introduced by a Minister, however any Member of Parliament (MP) can introduce a Private Members’ bill.

The bill then goes through a rigorous process.

1. First reading – the Minister tables the bill in the House and nominates a Parliamentary committee to examine the bill. In the absence of an Upper House or Senate in Queensland, a committee is necessary. Unlike the Senate, this committee gives the Government greater representation than the Opposition.

2. Committee consideration – this takes at least six weeks during which time the public have an opportunity to comment.

3. Committee report – the report is tabled in Parliament, along with an Opposition Dissenting Report if deemed necessary.

4. Second reading and debate in the House – this debate includes any amendments recommended by the committee.

5. Consideration-in-detail – the bill is examined clause by clause and amendments can be made. At the end of the debate the Minister sums up and the bill is voted on by the 93 Members of the House.

Majority rule voting applies therefore if the “Ayes” are in the majority, the bill is passed.

6. Third reading – This is the last opportunity for Parliament to consider the bill.

The only amendment that can be made at this stage is to dispose of the bill.

7. Royal Assent – the Governor of Queensland, as the Queen’s representative, signs the bill. The bill is now an Act of Parliament and becomes a law.

8. Assent is notified in the Government Gazette - For the LNP to win a majority vote against the current Government, at least four ALP Members would need to “cross the floor” and vote against the ALP.

The current Queensland Parliament of 93 seats is made up of 48 Labor (ALP) seats.

The LNP holds 38, Katter Party (KAP) has 3, the Greens have 1, with 2 Independents and 1 representative from One Nation (ONP).

If the independents and minor parties vote with the LNP, they still can only achieve 45 votes.

For anyone who is interested, there is a wealth of information on the Queensland Parliament website at https://www.Parliament.qld.gov.au/

Colin Boyce MP,

Member for Callide.


Harry's View
Harry's View


AS: Ok RN, you say voting against Labor, your quote “it could not get any worse”. Well it certainly did get much worse under Campbell Can’t Do. He hurt 90% of Qld in some way from major to mild. Every country in the world at the present moment in time are in a bad way.


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