Letter to the Editor - Wednesday, May 6:Impact on home births

THE insurance company that provides insurance for private practicing midwives last week withdrew their product from the market, as of June 2016.

This means in 12-months time, women in this area will find themselves in a position where they will be hard pushed to find a midwife to support their home birth, if home birth is what they want.

Those midwives that are not Medicare eligible (approved to provide Medicare rebates) will not be able to meet their registration requirements as they will be unable to get insurance.

This is a typical case of an insurance company getting the last say in women's birthing choice, which seems totally unreasonable.

I have raised a petition to let the government know we need to ensure we have a good supply of midwives so women who want to choose a home birth can do so safely, with appropriate support.

I want to achieve 10,000 names by the end of June to present to our Federal Health Minister, and am currently just short of 5000 names, gained in just four days.

The petition can be viewed online.

Britt Richards

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