Letter to the Editor - Wednesday, July 10: No dogs on beaches

IN RESPONSE to Patricia Russell's letter 'Piles of Poo' (2/7/14), I must agree with you that "resident (and tourist) dog-walking owners (alike) should be ashamed of themselves and the image, or impression, they give to others of our beautiful coastline. They are fouling their own backyard in the most literal sense." That is to quote your own words.

But let's not make this a battle of the sexes debate, as you seem to be so keen to do.

Whether you're a male or female dog owner, the fact remains that dog owners seem to believe that they are the exception to the rule with regards to Coffs beach regulations. That is to say that at every entrance to Park Beach, Diggers Beach, and Macauley's Headland there is unmissable signage stating quite clearly "No Dogs".

If you and other dog owners had the decency to consider other beach users, who more often than not enjoy walking barefoot, and obey the regulations, we wouldn't have the problem of dog poo on our beaches in the first place.

I don't expect the local rangers to start handing out fines, but I would expect that people show some good old fashion country respect and decency to the rest of the community who wish to enjoy our beaches dog- and dog-poo-free.

Mark Thomas

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