Letter to the Editor - Wednesday, July 1: An ill Wind

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has declared wind turbines are ugly, noisy and probably unhealthy.

And the honourable ministers Hockey and Joyce agree.

So they're going all out to stamp them out in Australia with ludicrous costs and restrictions.

This is unfortunate for Australia because wind provides most of the world's renewable energy, far surpassing solar and the rest. It's cheaper too. And there's never been an established health effect anywhere in the world from wind generation.

Abbott hopes for continued massive coal exports to China.

But China had to act on the overpowering smog, largely from coal. The people just aren't prepared to live with it any more. China now generates almost half of the world's wind energy.

They've had a massive uptake of solar energy, and now leads the world in solar power generation. By comparison, worldwide damage to health and the slow lingering deaths from mining and power generation from coal are well known.

Economically coal power generation costs us billions of dollars a year in subsidies, and losses in productivity. And how do you value the economic loss of sickness, maimed bodies, and the premature deaths from coal power? Environmentally coal mining swallows vast volumes of water and excretes polluted water into our rivers.

Remember the Hazelwood power station coal fire in Morwell, Victoria last year? It lasted for weeks and smoke and ash affected thousands of residents in nearby towns. How healthy is that?

The subsequent inquiry into its health effects were publicly funded, unlike the impost that Abbott wants to hit the wind industry with.

The coalition receives massive political donations from the coal industry. Just a coincidence?

Mal Anderson

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