Letter to the Editor - Wednesday, February 24: Dying to dance

THE NSW government must urgently move forward with a pill-testing trial in New South Wales, following a revelatory Four Corners investigation into recreational drug use.

This ground-breaking episode took us precisely where policy-makers and the public need to look: into the lives of people who actually use recreational drugs.

We can no longer shy away from the fact that no matter what the government tries to prohibit and criminalise, people will use drugs, and it's our job to ensure that the potential harm from drugs is minimised, and government resources are put where they actually work.

Harm reduction measures such as pill-testing must be urgently considered by the NSW government as a safe and effective alternative to prohibition, criminalisation, and a law-and-order approach.

I've just returned from the United States, where I saw how a different approach to drugs can reduce harm, save huge amounts of resources, and ultimately save lives.

We should have, and urgently need, a new way of thinking in Australia.

Dr Mehreen Faruqi,
Greens NSW MP

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