Letter to the Editor - Wednesday, December 3: Slugged again

I NOTE with interest council's proposal to slug ratepayers with another increase.

When are the existing councillors going to realise that ratepayers are not a bottomless pit of money? I could not agree more with Beth Agland's letter (CCA November 29). This council has to explore other avenues to remain viable.

Take a look at Brisbane City Council. According to its website there are 1,131,000 people in the Brisbane Council LGA. Compare this with Coffs Harbour of approximately 80,000 people. Within a radius of approximately 50km from Coffs Harbour we have four councils including Grafton, Bellingen, Nambucca and Coffs with a population of approximately 150,000 people.

I am certain there are huge savings to be made with the sharing of management, staff, services and equipment if these councils considered some form of amalgamation.

I for one have voted no to the increase and know many others of the same opinion. I also will not be voting for any of the incumbent councillors at the next election. I encourage people to think carefully before placing a vote and think of the consequences.


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