Letter to the Editor - Wednesday, December 17:Bypass critical

CONGRATULATIONS to Editor Graeme Singleton for his continued support for a bypass for Coffs Harbour (CCA Editorial December 6).

The recent NRMA Open Road magazine also points out the critical need for a bypass, with congestion through Coffs Harbour being nominated as the major factor in the Pacific Highway being judged the worst road in NSW.

It is unbelievable we are not receiving any support from our local political representatives in the fight for a bypass. Sure, they make many statements about the amount of money being spent on the highway duplication project, but nothing in support of a bypass for Coffs Harbour.

What if we had (I hate to say this) a Ricky Muir or (may I be struck down for saying this) a Jacqui Lambie representing us in Parliament? Funds would be allocated by tomorrow afternoon, with construction to commence next week. It all comes down to politics.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. These are the headlights and tail-lights from the thousands of trucks, busses, caravans and cars that will turn the Pacific Highway through Coffs into a slow-moving car park, all the while assaulting our visual, nasal and audio senses, and spewing tons of noxious gases and soot into our atmosphere. In a strange twist, the fact that we have a dual carriageway means that twice as many vehicles can squeeze into the 5km-long, slow-moving car park.

So while the many small towns along the highway are given priority to be bypassed, the major regional city of Coffs Harbour is advised that it is not a priority. It's just not good enough.


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