Letter to the Editor - Wednesday, April 6: Park is an asset

THE mayor's justification for the razing of Pioneer Park - that it is "underutilised" and attracts undesirables is the same tired old argument being used by some other councils to concrete-ise Sydney, for example.

Not to mention a few other people saying there's no-one in the park in the millisecond they drive past, or that the evil Greens are hiding under the bed disguised as koalas.

There are many ways to utilise a park without having a jumping castle or BMX track on it.

Anyone just walking or driving past and noticing the fine shady old trees is "utilising" it.

I'd suggest some people are not aware of how many people rest in, walk, ride wheelchairs and scooters, or cycle past and through this gem of a park, being part of a green corridor into the CBD for those living east of the city and not wishing to use Harbour Dr.

Of course a solution needs to be found for traffic issues, and fair enough if it really is the only solution, but that can only be judged with full transparency regarding the alternatives and future ringroad plans.

Monika Koz,
Coffs Harbour

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