Letter to the Editor - Saturday, November 22:Picking a target

I READ the article in the Daily Telegraph regarding Keith Rhoades and would suggest the holding of many positions is little different from professional company directors in the business world. The paper does not attack those many people.

The Coffs Coast Advocate prints many complaints from Coffs' residents about the number of traffic lights through the city centre and the volume of large trucks causing hazards throughout and constantly asks, how did the council come to this apparent mess? What short memories.

I well recall Mayor Rhoades returning from a critical meeting with the then RTA and saying he was told it was the Northern Beaches or nothing; he chose to buckle before them. Commonsense should have alerted the mayor that no state government was going to spend billions on a highway from Sydney to the QLD border and leave a bottleneck in the middle.

Perhaps you should encourage council to create even great mayhem and let the highway users complain and so force the western bypass.

M. Talling

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