Letter to the Editor - Saturday, July 5: Swing into action

THE Advocate asks us do we want Coffs Harbour to remain a thoroughfare or become a destination? We need both of course.

The Pacific Highway is a critical piece of national infrastructure and must bypass all bottlenecks to be effective.

Nobody really can sustain an argument that our busiest interstate artery should involve multiple traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and energy and fuel wasting congestion and time delays for our road freight or passenger payloads.

The mantra that local business will collapse because of a highway bypass is proven to be false in the myriad of recently bypassed centres, most of which quickly restructure and adapt to their new reality. However, the local community still needs its thoroughfare function too. It's needed for local as well as north and south-bound intra and inter-state travel and for the delivery of our daily goods and services.

The question is not do we need a bypass, that answer is clearly yes and we need it now. The question ought to be why don't we have one now. That answer has to do with the political reality of Coffs being a rusted-on safe conservative seat, both federally and state-wise. If we were potentially a marginal or swinging seat we would certainly have our bypass now.


Bypass expert backs Roberts Hill Lookout plan

premium_icon Bypass expert backs Roberts Hill Lookout plan

Dr Parolin has been studying the effects of bypasses since the '80s.

Councillors defer decision on CBD height limits

Councillors defer decision on CBD height limits

A workshop will be held to investigate further.

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