Letter to the Editor - Saturday, July 12: Skating passion

ACCOMPANIED by my nine-year-old grandson, I spent time watching the skateboarders on Sunday afternoon. What a treat!

They were keen to share their knowledge of the various manoeuvres, all agreeing it was the best skate park in NSW.

Explaining the strict protocols of "taking your turn" and "not dropping in", one of the older boys summed up the overall philosophy of respecting each other and respecting the skate park.

They are so passionate about their sport, it is in their interest to protect the park from would-be vandals and from the small element (present in all communities) who would do them a disservice.

The following afternoon we went to watch again.

Before long the police turned up, good humouredly sounded their siren, and all the skaters fled like an army of ants. Apparently, someone had posted on Facebook that it was okay to go in when the workers left.

Yesterday the council had obviously decided to dampen the ardour of skateboarders by employing a security guard.

Congratulations to the council for finally providing a high-class facility for these enthusiasts.


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