Letter to the Editor - Saturday, July 12: Dog attacked

OUR 10-year-old boy is fighting for his life.

He was viciously attacked on Tuesday afternoon, just around the corner from our home. He did nothing to provoke the attack and is an innocent victim of violence.

This all took place in front of a witness who has not come forward with any information.

The 10-year-old is our Jack Russell named Scoobydoo. The attacker is unknown.

I heard this attack start and clearly heard a woman's voice scream out a very distressed "no" but when I got to where I heard the yelping and the yelling come from, no one was there to be seen - just a broken, bleeding little dog.

We live on a dirt road with only 12 homes on it. We have doorknocked and distributed fliers asking for the woman to come forward, as yet to no avail. All we want is to know what happened to our Scoobydoo.

What has happened to our society when, in a very small rural community where we all know each other, no one can speak out when something happens?

Integrity and respect seem to be something only a few of us still maintain and value.

We are devastated about our Scoob dog and the pain he is in, but what really stinks is that some people can go about their lives with no conscience whatsoever.

That's just wrong.


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