Letter to the Editor - May 13: Direction changes cost clubs

I WOULD like to comment on the remarks by G. Durzo in Wednesday's Advocate.

I think you have to look closer to home for contributing reasons as to why these clubs failed. Eight to 10 years ago, the Catholic club and the fishing club both had a steady patronage from the local community and I daresay visitors and tourists as well.

The Catholic club had a reasonably priced bistro, selling great-tasting food, and had a Sunday kids' club and regular under-age Blue Light Disco - all things that encouraged local families to the club each week.

A change in management stopped the kids' club and under-age discos and instead went for an upmarket, overpriced bistro. The result was local families who were regulars to the club moved on to other venues.

The fishing club also had a great-priced bistro and fabulous location, and I, like many, went for a reasonably priced meal regularly to take in the view.

Again, a change in either management or direction saw them go into a $2million-plus debt for a renovation that quickly became a white elephant and took away the intimacy and welcoming feel the club had.

An overpriced bistro was installed, I suppose to try to recoup some of the loss, resulting in losing the very customers they already had.

Locals are happy to patronise this style of club.

The clubs just have to spend some time getting to know their target market and cater for them.

A Perkin

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