Letter to the Editor - March 26: Ban vehicles on beaches

WE HAVE noise around us everywhere, but more so in Coffs Harbour with hundreds of trucks and cars travelling from interstate.

The beach is one of the few places where people can relax and have peace.

This will be ruined, with parents having to watch out, if we continue to allow 4WDs on the beach.

This was the case in Sapphire where I live.

On warm days there were hundreds of cars, and families had to continually watch that nothing happened to their kids.

The beach became compacted, affecting species such as worms and small creatures, and consequently birds also disappeared.

Another problem is rubbish thrown from cars.

Campers would also be attracted to camp on the beach to avoid paying for accommodation with more pollution and noise.

The council has not properly analysed the consequences.

I would think a lot of people would very much be against it and I thank the Advocate for bringing this to our attention, because I would not have known this was on the agenda.

Please forget this idea of 4WDers paying for beach permits and let there be peace on the beach.

Helen Kayser

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