Letter to the Editor - March 19:Revise road plan to keep park

COFFS CBD is a mess, particularly in Harbour Dr between the highway and Gordon St.

The Coffs CBD should be the convenient east-west road route to the Jetty from West High St, with efficient pedestrian management, not a crowded, tedious bottleneck.

Road traffic has to crawl through a really badly planned street, creating a toxic fog of fumes.

As there's already a good car park in Castle St for Coffs Central customers, why, in such a cramped space, would you place parking slots as well?

Best to start again and completely revamp this whole section.

Put in pedestrian lights and the street would function much more efficiently and there would be absolutely no need to create another bottleneck like the traffic lights at the corner of Gordon St.

The present roundabout at the Harbour Dr/Gordon St intersection performs pretty well.

Some tweaking with the corners, and it would be better still.

And there'd be little need to take our beautiful Pioneer Park from us.

Mal Anderson,
Coffs Harbour

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