Letter to the Editor - June 24: Time to pretty up South Wall

THE South Wall (aka The Eastern Breakwater) of the harbour is now easily accessible from the new footpath around the south side of the harbour, and it affords a view back over the jetty and surrounding mountains for those who cannot make the steep climb up Muttonbird Island.

However, the grey concrete blocks of the wall are rather unattractive and are now only a target of the graffiti vandals; but they also present a great opportunity to create a new tourist attraction for Coffs while making them more visually appealing.

For instance, the Coffs Council could sanction artistic graffiti on the wall and emulate the success of the V-Wall at Nambucca - which is a major tourist drawcard there.

And then the council would only have to paint over inappropriate graffiti and mindless 'tagging'.

Or better still, open the wall to an art competition, perhaps of different categories - portraits, cartoons, landscapes and seascapes, abstract, etc.

There are about 1000 separate 'faces' on the blocks visible from the footpath, each measuring about one to two square metres; and if an entry fee of, say, $50 per 'face' is applied (and if a State Government grant of a similar amount was forthcoming) then substantial prizes could be awarded for the various categories.

The competition could be advertised nationwide, thus raising awareness of Coffs as a destination, and the new 'Coffs Art Wall' would become a major tourist attraction in its own right.


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