Letter to the Editor - July 8: Still concerned about wall

I WAS walking the North Wall. Absolutely beautiful day stunning views to the Solitary Islands.

Looking at who else was walking the wall, I noticed three people in wheel chairs, and I noticed kids, lots of kids obviously getting an early start to their break.

All these people are under 1.5 metre's so they won't get to see the view under the decision to increase the height of the wall.

We looked at the new height and it will crucify the view. Don't be mistaken, don't be conned the view will never be the same with the addition of the concrete blocks and you won't be able to fish.

It will not be anything like it is now and will send our visitors and tourists elsewhere.

Peter Waltz

Albanese: Coffs has been shortchanged by Coalition

Albanese: Coffs has been shortchanged by Coalition

Labor heavyweight said Cowper MP failed to secure funds for bypass.

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