Letter to the Editor - July 8: Nature is your best friend

I'M a retired psychologist, but work as a volunteer at the Men's Resource Centre in Coffs Harbour dealing with men with alcohol and drug problems.

As I see it most people nowadays and especially young ones, are not that much in contact with Mother Earth due to their and I was almost going to say obsessions with our modern technology, computers, laptops, ipads, mobile telephones etc, and therefore spending a lot of time indoors and sitting down.

So as I see it, they are missing out on nature's healing, calming and rejuvenating effect.

Worship nature because it brings out what is beautiful and wonderful within you.

Nature follows its own rhythm.

It doesn't know rush and stress.

It knows its timing, its seasons and subjects itself to nature's different rhythms and influences.

But modern man has lost contact with spontaneity and naturalness.

That is why so many feel lost and unhappy in spite of material prosperity.

Live a simple and uncomplicated life, because life is not artificial, mechanical and complicated.

Life is like a streaming happy creek which winds happily along green meadows and beautiful forests.

It does not resist its natural drift towards the ocean and its source.

Nature brings out your originality and naturalness as well as a peaceful mind.

If you, like a child, can marvel over nature and its greatness and how a leaf or a flower is created, then you are not far from all that is.

You are part of nature, and nature is part of you.

If you ignore nature and its beauty and naturalness you are blocking off your own deeper beautiful and marvellous nature, because both are connected.

Nature is your best friend because it teaches you about the unity of life and all things solidarity.

Preben P.Sorensen

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