Letter to the Editor - July 22: Fear and loathing in politics

AS demonstrated in the excellent film "Bowling For Columbine", politicians create a culture of fear in order to manipulate the electorate into accepting draconian, immoral and irrational legislation as a means to protect "national security".

They secure their own positions of political power by claiming to be the rightful guardians of the nation.

Tony Abbott has been doing great work in convincing us we should be seriously afraid of the hordes of refugees who are attacking our coastline, armed with destructive religious views (perhaps Muslim) and cultural values. All 24 million of us, including those who are themselves immigrants and the children of immigrants, should be quaking at the thought of being overrun by those thousands of refugees who have fled tyranny and persecution in their homelands in order to infect our society with their own cultural beliefs and religions (mainly Muslim).

How else can we justify the secrecy provisions of the Australian Border Force Act (Advocate, Wednesday July 15).

Minister Dutton's explanation "the changes reflect the government's focus on protecting national security at the border" surely legitimises legislation, which would normally be considered unconstitutional and a denial of the peoples' right to free speech.

This legislation enables us to abuse the human rights of illegal immigrants and torture suspected terrorists, just as our American role models do.

Do not despair if such behaviour offends your beliefs in an Australian way of life, which promotes the acceptance of difference and the concept of "a fair go".

The government is acting to protect "national security" and our "democratic Australian way of life".

King Tony will do "whatever it takes" to protect us here in the United States of Australia, even if it involves irrational, immoral and ethically indefensible acts.

Julian May

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